We have created a special 'club', which you can join for free! With your membership you will receive a discount on every order and you can save up for a voucher which is worth 10EUR! For more detailed information, please see our membership page. Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to receive discounts, free products and vouchers!
We are very proud to be able to let everyone know that our website has been featured in the Sunday Times (UK) of October 10th! Thank you to everyone who emailed me to let us know! A copy of the article can be found under Testimonials.

I have added a new product; Foiled Ice Cups , available in milk and white chocolate. AND..we have Dutch Vla!
We have decided to remove the Standard shipping method. There are various reasons for this, but mainly because we want to be sure orders will arrive, and the only way to know that is by using Priority mail. If a package gets lost, it's nearly impossible to claim a compensation with Standard Mail. The price difference between Priority and Standard shipping was minimal, but Priority is safer and faster. We were sending out orders with Priority Service, even if customers paid for Standard Service, because we wanted to be safe. Orders will arrive within 3-6 days with Priority, and all orders (within Europe) will get a tracking number. We will keep the Economy option for orders outside Europe, as these packages can be tracked when lost in transit. However, orders that weigh less than 2kg and are shipped outside Europe with Economy mail are not covered or insured. This method is at the risk of the customer, as we do not take any responsibility for these packages once shipped.

New products are added, Reusable Coffee Filter, Extra Large Watertank for the Senseo, Knäckebröd and various new Spicecakes.
Due to the huge amount of orders we received this month, we have decided to change the order processing time from 6 days to a maximum of 14 days. This will only affect orders placed on or after August 28th. As mentioned on the About Us page, I do everything by myself, and I can't always find the time to pack everything within 6 days. To prevent people starting to email me, I think it's best to maintain these 2 weeks. This does not mean you will actually have to wait 2 weeks before I will send out your order, it's just to keep my head cool, and have a few extra days for each order. The last thing I want is to mix orders up. I hope you will understand this. This will not remain for a long period, as soon as I have catched up with all orders, normal processing time applies.

The FAQs page is updated, and I've added Senseo Coffee Recipes.
We have added a whole new selection of products; Conimex. They are the number one brand in the Netherlands that produces Indonesian/Asian spices and meals.
If you love white chocolate, then you'll love the white chocolate vlokken we've added to Breadspreads. Venco introduced a new licorice 'droppeppers'. We had to try them before putting them on the website, and they are so addictive! If you decide to try them, take 2 packs, you will regret it if you don't!

We have also removed a few products, because they are unavailable at the moment. We have replaced the Liga Big & Strong Speculaas with Bastogne Biscuits.

We have had loads of requests for providing products for weddings; giftbaskets, bruidsuikers and other typical Dutch products. We love doing this, so feel free to contact us with all your questions!
Because there's such a huge demand for coffee pods, we have decided to expand our current selection with a few other brands, most of them are considerably cheaper as the Douwe Egberts pods. You can expect them to be online within a few days.
We have been thinking about changing our methods of shipping. We now use TPG post, which is a Dutch company, but they are not really fast, and they only provide proof of shipment with priority mail, and only residents within the EU will get a tracking number. This is not the service we want to provide our customers, we want everybody to get a tracking number, because it just feels better knowing where your order is. UPS offers this service, and they deliver within 3-4 days, worldwide. This will increase the costs of shipping slightly, and we want to know if this is wat YOU want. You can share your opinion by clicking on the comments link below. Thank you.
New Arrivals
We have added various new products; Venz Hagelslag, in milk, dark and mixed; Dutch Snacks, such as peanutbutter sticks. We have also added the famous Koetjesreep.

Sometimes products are being discontinued, we will post them up here. This time it's the Zwartrijders Autodrop. We have replaced them with Drop Donders; a mix of 6 different car shaped licorice. The Verkade BN Giechels are also discontinued, and we have introduced the Koetjesreep to make up for this loss. If you ordered these products, they have probably been replaced with the new products.