We are very proud to carry a range of high quality, authentic Dutch bake-off products from Petit Pierre, a Dutch company that specializes in bake-off. The products contain the best ingredients, often organic, to ensure a perfect taste sensation.

Whether you want to be able to bake fresh appelflappen or Dutch bread in your kitchen, or stock an entire bakery, Petit Pierre's bake-off products are suitable for any occasion!

All products are delivered frozen. Please note: more products will be added!
Hi guys,

I add products to our selection on a daily basis and there are a few new products I would like to highlight here.

The Bavaria Dutchy Dress is the perfect dress for the upcoming World Cup. Designed by Dutch label Supertrash it is a super cute dress that can be worn in 4 different ways. One size fits all. Show your support for Oranje!

Zwitsal has released a new product: Eau de Zwitsal. It is a delicate perfume with that typical Zwitsal scent. You can use it on yourself, but you can also spray the blankets or clothes of your little one.

Serve a traditional complete Dutch/Chinese Rijsttafel with our new Rijsttafel package. It includes all the popular dishes, from Tjap Tjoy to Babi Pangang and the must-have condiments, like Kroepoek and Sambal Oelek.

Hi everyone,

You might have noticed a problem when you tried to checkout the past day or so. The TNT server is down and our system is linked directly to their database. If theirs is down, so is ours. However, we have set up a new database and you should be able to select the shipping costs now. 

I have to manually add each country to the database: most countries have been added, but the rest is a work in progress. Everything should be finished within a few hours.

My apologies for the inconvenience!