Due to the huge amount of orders we received this month, we have decided to change the order processing time from 6 days to a maximum of 14 days. This will only affect orders placed on or after August 28th. As mentioned on the About Us page, I do everything by myself, and I can't always find the time to pack everything within 6 days. To prevent people starting to email me, I think it's best to maintain these 2 weeks. This does not mean you will actually have to wait 2 weeks before I will send out your order, it's just to keep my head cool, and have a few extra days for each order. The last thing I want is to mix orders up. I hope you will understand this. This will not remain for a long period, as soon as I have catched up with all orders, normal processing time applies.

The FAQs page is updated, and I've added Senseo Coffee Recipes.
We have added a whole new selection of products; Conimex. They are the number one brand in the Netherlands that produces Indonesian/Asian spices and meals.
If you love white chocolate, then you'll love the white chocolate vlokken we've added to Breadspreads. Venco introduced a new licorice 'droppeppers'. We had to try them before putting them on the website, and they are so addictive! If you decide to try them, take 2 packs, you will regret it if you don't!

We have also removed a few products, because they are unavailable at the moment. We have replaced the Liga Big & Strong Speculaas with Bastogne Biscuits.

We have had loads of requests for providing products for weddings; giftbaskets, bruidsuikers and other typical Dutch products. We love doing this, so feel free to contact us with all your questions!
Because there's such a huge demand for coffee pods, we have decided to expand our current selection with a few other brands, most of them are considerably cheaper as the Douwe Egberts pods. You can expect them to be online within a few days.