Hi everyone!

We're very excited that Holland has won the match against Slovakia today! Did you watch it?

For those of you who follow us on Twitter or Facebook might have already read it: on the days that Holland has to play, YOU will receive a €5.00 discount on your entire order! Use voucher code HupHollandHup to redeem. You can use it to order Dutch food and bring a little bit of Holland at home.

Have you seen our new Dutch Bikes? We have 31 different bikes available in a wide variety of colors and prints.

See you soon!
We're proud to announce the grand opening of the new and improved TypicalDutchStuff.com with a brand new design! We have worked on it for many, many months and are very happy with the result!

The look is fresh, trendy, and organized. We have moved our categories around a bit, to improve your shopping experience! All the products are now neatly divided into various categories, so you don't have to scroll through pages and pages of various products, but you should be able to find the product you're looking for within three mouse clicks!

TypicalDutchStuff.com is now finally available in Dutch as well. Simply click on the Dutch flag in the top left corner.

As you might have noticed, we also have a new logo! After seven years of using our old logo, we felt that it was time for a change!

Typical Dutch Stuff
We're happy to be able to offer you new UPS shipping rates! Depending on your location, you can save up to 50% on the shipping rates! 

For example, a package to the United States that weighs around 10kg used to cost 81.50, but now we're able to offer it for only €50.25! That's even cheaper than the TNT rates, but a package shipped with UPS will arrive within 2-3 business days!

For some locations, we have managed to arrange flat fees. This means that for light packages, the costs have increased slightly, but for heavier packages, the costs have dropped significantly! Simply one more reason to order more Dutch goodies!

All rates include fuel surcharge, but exclude sales tax, where applicable.


Up to 22kg: 
Up to 30kg: €12.50

Up to 10kg: €14.50
Up to 20kg: 
Up to 30kg: 

Up to 2kg: €14.50
Up to 5kg: 
Up to 10kg: 20.25
Up to 20kg: 23.75

Up to 3kg: €19.50
Up to 5kg: 
Up to 10kg: 24.50
Up to 20kg: 32.50
Up to 30kg: 

Up to 2kg: €25.00
Up to 5kg: 
Up to 10kg: 43.00
Up to 20kg: 53.50
Up to 30kg: 61.50

Up to 2kg: €15.75
Up to 5kg: 
Up to 10kg: 24.50
Up to 20kg: 27.50

Up to 2kg: €19.50
Up to 5kg: 
Up to 10kg: 30.00
Up to 20kg: 38.50


Up to 2kg: €26.50
Up to 5kg: 
Up to 10kg: 50.25
Up to 15kg: 60.00
Up to 20kg: 71.50
Up to 30kg: 88.50

Up to 2kg: €32.50
Up to 5kg: €45.00
Up to 10kg: 66.00
Up to 15kg: 83.50
Up to 20kg: 97.95

Please keep in mind that UPS is a courier company, with much faster and more reliable services than TNT. For most locations and weights, UPS is cheaper, but for others, TNT might be a little bit cheaper. However, packages shipped with TNT outside Europe can take up to 3 weeks to arrive, while UPS delivers them within 2-3 days. The choice is up to you!