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The order deadline for Holiday orders is December 10th! (December 11th for European orders) Orders placed after this date may reach you in time, but it depends on the speed of the postal service and your location.

We will close for the holidays from December 17 - January 10!
Of course, we still welcome your order as our shop remains open, but orders will be shipped after January 10th.
We have just added the new Senseo Choices Variety Box to our shop, and we are expecting the new Senseo Sevilla Coffee Pods as well!

Senseo Choices Variety Box

The Senseo Choices Variety Box contains 40 different, individually wrapped coffee pods:
4 x Senseo Sevilla
4 x Senseo Rio de Janeiro
4 x Senseo Vienna
4 x Senseo Colombia Blend
4 x Senseo Sumatra Blend
4 x Senseo Kenya Blend
4 x Senseo Regular
4 x Senseo Dark Roast
4 x Senseo Mild Roast
4 x Senseo Decaf
Typical Dutch Stuff Sinterklaas

You can now order your favorite Sinterklaas goodies (December 5th), as we have all of the products in stock, but they are selling really fast! If you do not want to miss out on certain chocolate letters, please order quickly!

We are maintaining an order deadline, because we want to be able to ship out all orders in time for the holidays. The deadline for Sinterklaas orders is November 20th! Orders placed after this date may arrive in time for the holidays, but this is not garantueed.
Typical Dutch Stuff Breast Cancer Awareness
October is breast cancer awareness month, dedicated to promoting awareness and stressing the importance of early detection.
We have just added four new Senseo models, the so-called "New Generation" series, which come in silver, black/silver, blue, and black. They come with an extra large water tank, and they feature an adjustable cup size for 3oz., 4 oz., 5 oz. cups and 6oz., 8 oz., 10 oz. mugs of coffee. The adjustable cup size is on the top of the pressure brew head.

The material also feels much more sophisticated; they really are a beautiful work of technology smile

You can order them in our shop as from today! As always, we offer them with a set of coffee cups and three bags of Senseo coffee pods!
Senseo New Generation Silver

The Senseo New Generation
We have some very exciting coffee & tea news! If you love coffee pods as much as we do, you are probably happy to hear that we have added 10 new variaties, including 3 new t-pods flavors!

First, we have the AH Perla Cinnamon, AH Perla Vanilla, AH Perla Toffee, and AH Perla Hazelnut coffeepods. These name basically explain their flavors pretty good.
AH Perla Coffeepods Cinnamon, Vanilla, Toffee, Hazelnut

Then, we also have added three new tubs: AH Excellent Smooth Power (Columbian beans), AH Excellent Sweet Energy (Brazilian beans), and AH Excellent Double Boost (Indonesian beans). These three new tubs replace the Zinglez tubs that were already on our website.
AH Excellent Coffeepods

Finally, Pickwick has released three new flavors in t-pods: Sweet Apple Cinnamon, Fruity Forest, and Soft Starmint (licorice root, aniseed, peppermint).
Pickwick T-Pods Sweet Apple Cinnamon, Fruity Forest, Soft Starmint

We can't wait to try our newly found treasures; they are already available for purchase in our shop, and pictures will follow this weekend!
I am proud to say that we now have a selection of gorgeous, handmade wooden clogs on our website! They are available in a range of sizes; from size 19 to size 45 (European sizes).
Dutch Clogs

We also offer "birth clogs", which are the cutest little wooden clogs. They will be painted in either blue or pink and the name and the date of birth of the new baby girl or boy will also be painted on them.

And I just had to post this picture of Fee and Ninja:
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
What are YOU looking at?
Yes..I decided to expand our family, because I love (furry) animals These two cutie pies come from a shelter, which offers a second chance for dumped rabbits, or when their owners can (or want) no longer take care of them. I fully support their work, because I know how many people buy a bunny without actually thinking it fully through. So, please welcome Fee and Ninja!. Ninja has blue eyes, which look totally Ninja-esque with the black edges around them. Fee is an adorable girl and she is far more into exploring than Ninja is. They have been together for quite some time now (they are both 2 years old), so they are really a cute couple. They have a massive cage, which kinda looks like a small house!

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We are proud to be a "secret pal" friendly business! If would like to buy a gift for your secret pal, or just send a special unexpected surprise anonymously, we are very happy to help you. Upon checkout, let us know that this is for your "secret pal" or if it is an "anonymous gift" and include their name and address and any information you would like on a gift card!

Gift wrapping is free for secret pal purchases!

Secret Pal Friendly Website
I really had to take a quiet day to recover from Nemo's sudden passing. She was my baby girl for 2.5 years and it is always hard when they die too young.

So, it's back to the daily routine. We are now happy to announce that we will be offering Senseo Extra Dark Roast Samples for free with any order that contains (Senseo) coffee pods. Also, we will extend this service to other flavors as well. You will be able to request a free sample with your order and you will receive two pods of the requested flavor, so that you can see if the flavor suits you. We will place them in a ziplock bag. We think this is an excellent way to sample various flavors.

We will also send out our newsletter this week!

Nemo, you will be missed (August 20th, 2006)
As of this week, the basic flavors of Senseo coffee pods (Regular, Mild Roast, Dark Roast, Decaf, and Mocca Gourmet) will only be available in larger bags; they now contain 36 pods instead of the normal 18 pods. We are no longer able to offer the 18 pod bags, as Douwe Egberts decided to no longer produce these. We will be updating the prices of the bags (they will now cost €4.79 per bag for 36 pods, which comes to €0.13 per pod, which is €0.03 cheaper than the old pods). We will also update the bulk packages: we will offer the standard bulk package, which means that the number of pods stays the same, but now this package only contains 5 bags, since that equals 180 pods, the same as our current bulk packages. However, we will also offer "bulkier packages" which contain 10 bags, or 360 pods in total.
Whenever I have the time, I really enjoy baking. One of my favorite recipes is this one for an über delicious chocolate cake. It is really easy to make and it also was a huge success when I made it on Mary-jane's birthday! I covered it with Chocolate letters, it looked really scrumptious!

chocolate pie

The recipe for my Scrumptious Choco-Cake

200 g butter
3 bars of bittersweet chocolate (300g)
1 bar milk chocolate (100g)
4 eggs
200g donkere basterdsuiker or brown sugar.
150g flour/baking powder
200g caramel fudge (cut into cubes)
125 ml cream


Preheat oven to 175 °C. Divide the butter into small cubes and heat them along with 2 bars of bittersweet chocolate and 1 bar of milk chocolate (save the third bittersweet bar for later) until completely melted. Make sure you do not burn the chocolate! Once melted, allow to cool for a few minutes.

Break the eggs and mix. Add the brown sugar and 1/2 teaspoon of salt. Sieve the baking powder/flour in the egg mixture. Then, carefully fold in the chocolate mixture. Next, stir in the fudge.

Pour the mixture into an oven dish (make sure to cover the surface with butter). Bake for approx. 30 minutes: the inside of the cake should be really moist.

Pour the cream in a small pan and break the final bar of bittersweet chocolate into the cream. Carefully stir until completely melted. Pour frosting on top of cake and spread evenly.

We will re-open tomorrow, so this means that normal turnaround times will apply again! All the orders that were placed in our vacation will be processed and shipped this week.

The site has undergone a few minor aesthetic changes, but there are still more changes to come. I have added a new, perhaps quite important feature to the site: the D.E. Points Exchange. On every package of Senseo coffee pods, Douwe Egberts Coffee, or Pickwick tea, you will find the so-called "waardepunten." If you live in the Netherlands, you can save these points and exchange them for Douwe Egberts gifts. However, we understand that a large percentage of our customers are not in the position to do this. Therefore, we have decided to start our own service: you are able to exchange your points for vouchers that you can use in our shop!

On a lighter note: I purchased a new digital camera (the Sony W70) and I really enjoy it. I am by no means a good photographer, as I usually only make product photographs. However, I enjoy using the macro function of my camera..a few examples follow.

See the wasp?

A little bug

A small ant with a huge sunflower seed
Typical Dutch Stuff Summer Vacation

Yes, that's right; we will be closed for the summer from July 18 - August 14. While I will spend some time relaxing on a beach, I will also work on the website to improve its quality and make it even more user-friendly! If you have any suggestions, please feel free to email me!

I wish you all a great summer!
We have been quite busy over here at the TDS Headquarters. As you may have noticed, our site has two new contributors; Mary-jane and Lian. Both of them use their writing skills and witty style to either answer all your questions regarding the Dutch culture, or give you a peek into the life of a Dutch University student. They didn't need much time to decide whether or not they wanted to be a part of our team; all it took for me to persuade them was a platter of home-made brownies and a cold iced-tea! You can find Mary-jane's column over here and Lian's Corner over here.

I have also decided to make this blog a little more personal, because based on my own experience, I like a personal style when it comes to a company blog. I always like to know that there a real persons working on my orders and answering my emails.

The past week, I enjoyed the summer sun and started reading some great books. After watching Oprah, I really wanted to read Elie Wiesels Night, so that book is on my reading list for the summer. I am now reading a chick flick, as it is sometimes called, Watermelon by Marian Keyes; really a great read for the summer.

Also, don't forget that Typical Dutch Stuff will be closed for the summer from July 20 18 to August 14. I am planning to re-design the site in this period (as well as going on a well-deserved trip), so it will be even more user friendly!

Well, I'm going to settle myself in front of the TV and watch the Worldcup finale!
We've got the latest scoop on Senseo news; the new Senseo Extra Dark Coffee Pods (the darkest they have ever made them!) will be available in the Netherlands from July and we will be stocking them as one of the first..as usual!

Senseo Extra Dark Coffee Pods
In order to keep our forum active, we will provide monthly discounts, which can vary from free shipping to gift vouchers, to all our active members! This means that joining the forums isn't enough, because with active we mean members who have 5 or more posts to their name. happy

Be the first member to reach 5 posts and receive a €5.00 gift voucher! (the posts need to have a certain quality to them, not just posts that consist out of single words happy

Visit our forums today!
We want to show our support for Guus Hiddink, because he managed to get Australia to the next round! Even though we fully support Oranje, we also are very proud of our Guus Hiddink and his players!

Now we hope that Holland and Australia do not have to play against each other!

Keep up the good work Guus !

Guus Hiddink
Our latest addition Ask Mary-jane is quite the succes; she already received loads of questions, so feel free to participate!

Also, apparently some of you were interested in the owner of TDS as well. smile Therefore, I will answer a few questions that were asked in this blog entry!

So, your name is Wendy and you're Dutch. May I ask how old you are?
A woman never reveals her age unless there is no way around it. Let's say I can order a drink legally in the US! smile

What's your favorite (Dutch) food?
Well, I love Turkish, Indian, and Italian food in general. My favorite Dutch food has to be a "frietje speciaal," basically french fries with mayonaise, curry, and onions! I also love cheese, Dutch desserts, and sweet licorice!

What kind of music do you like?
I actually like a variety of different kinds of music. I currently have Pink's new album on my iPod (perfect for when I exercise) and I love The Counting Crows, John Mayer, Jason Mraz, Jamie Cullum, that kind of music.

What's your favorite television series?
Oh my, I have to admit I am secretly addicted to television series! smile My favorite series at the moment are (in no particular order): Lost, Prison Break, Grey's Anatomy, and Desperate Housewives.

Do you have a favorite book?
I enjoy reading, but I do not have enough time to read everything I want. I just finished Kate Chopin's The Awakening, which I really enjoyed. I plan to read Memoirs of a Geisha in the very near future; I thought the movie was very good. My shelves are filled with new books, so I hope I get a chance to read some of them over the summer. Oh, I forgot; I also think that The Da Vinci Code is a really good read.

Who will win the World Cup?
Who do you think? I sure hope we will win this year! But how can we not with players like Arjan Robben, Ruud van Nistelrooij, and Edwin van der Sar! smile

Well, that's all for now! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me!
We are proud to present our latest addition the the website; "Ask Mary-jane", an advice column that treats questions that relate to the Dutch culture. Feel free to send Mary-jane all your burning questions!

Typical Dutch Stuff
In order to prepare for the upcoming World Cup, we have decided to offer a 5% discount on any order placed before May 31st! All you have to do is type "nloranje" in the voucher field upon checkout!

We also have a large selection of Oranje products; that way it is easy to show which team you favor!

World Cup discounts at Typical Dutch Stuff

We always wanted the site to not only feature products that can be purchased, but we also wanted Typical Dutch Stuff to form a source for information and to be interactive. That's why we have a selection of recipes, a blog, a forum, and many contests.

As of today, our visitors can watch a selection of Dutch television commercials on our website. We figured this would interesting to Dutch expats all over the world.

Access is of course free, but we do work with a password protected area (to prevent bandwidth overload). All you have to do is email us for the password!

You can find them on Our Commercials Page

Senseo will be releasing a new flavor "Mystic Valley; Columbia Blend."

They should be available around May 2006, and we will be stocking them as soon as we can get our hands on them. We'll also be stocking the Senseo Cappucino pods in the very near future.

As of March 13, Senseo and Pickwick's latest addition for the Senseo will be available for purchase: the Pickwick T-Pads.

They have created four different T-Pods: Tempting Red (Rooibos/Orange), Early Grey, Minty Green (Green Tea/Mint/Zoethout), and Lemon & Lime.

Pickwick T-Pads

We will be offering a special starters set, which includes the new flavors Early Grey, Tempting Red and a special T-Pod holder for the Senseo!

Because these starters sets are limited editions, our stock will be limited. If you want to be sure to have one of these sets, then you can email me (info@typicaldutchstuff.com) or leave me a private message on the forums!
Valentine's Day at Typical Dutch Stuff

If you place an order before February 19th and mention "valentineday" in the message field at the payment screen, you will receive a free gift with your order!
We got the inside scoop on the latest developments of the Senseo machine. Douwe Egberts will release a new concept for the Senseo coffee maker in the very near future: a special, new podholder will allow the Senseo to brew a perfect cup of tea. Podholders are already available.

We will keep you updated!
We may be on a short break, but that doesn't mean that we are not working at all. Feel free to join or brand new forum!

As of 01/01/06, Economy shipments (outside Europe) will take up to 10 weeks to arrive. This is beyond our control, as our carrier has decided this. Please take this into consideration when placing your order.