Yes, I've managed to negotiate even lower shipping rates for packages within Europe. For example, for a package to the UK, France, Sweden, or Germany that weighs around 10kg, you now pay €10.00 less than you would with the regular TNT rates! If you order a package that weighs around 20kg, the difference increases to €20.00 less!

And, what's even better: the packages will be shipped by UPS, who will deliver the package within 2 business days to most countries. They have a very advanced tracking system, so it's very easy to locate your package.

All in all, I am really happy about this. You pay much less for shipping, but get far better and faster service!

Here's an overview of the costs:

Up to 20kg: €8.25 (TNT rate: €34.10 )

Up to 10kg: €8.75 (TNT rate: €25.20 )
Up to 20kg: €10.75 (TNT rate: €34.10 )
Up to 30kg: €17.75 (TNT rate: €40.58)

Up to 5kg: €12.75 (TNT rate: €24.50)
Up to 20kg: €15.00 (TNT rate: €39.80)

We have also added UPS as a shipping method to the United States and Canada. It is not always cheaper to select UPS, but it is much, much faster. Shipping with TNT can take up to 2 weeks, while UPS will deliver the package within 2 days!

United States & Canada
Up to 10kg: €81.50(TNT rate: €57.10)
Up to 15kg: €95.00 (TNT rate: €106.60)
Up to 20kg: €110.00 (TNT rate: €106.60)

*Listed prices exclude 19% VAT
I'm really happy to announce that we're able to process credit cards again! We now use the services of the Rabobank and Paysquare to safely process your VISA and MasterCard payments. We have been accepted by Verified by VISA and MasterCard SecureCode, which ensures the highest level of protection possible.

Our Dutch customers (or those who have a Dutch bank account) can also use iDeal, which is a safe way to pay with your bank account.

We no longer need the services of Paypal. Paypal's business practices clash with ours and I do no longer want to be associated with this company. I really think it's a big step forward to be able to process credit cards this way.

Hope to see you soon!
Hi guys!

Long time no see! Well, that's not entirely true: although the blog has not been updated in a while, I have been active on Twitter and Linkedin.

The reason why I am updating the blog is simply because I felt bad for neglecting it. I also feel it's a great way to let everybody know what exactly is going on behind the scenes of TDS.

First things first. I have a big announcement to make: we are no longer accepting Paypal payments. We have been a customer for over six years with them. Although I heard the horror stories about them, I never really encountered any serious problems. Until this week. The way they treated me, convinced me to simply STOP using them. I do not want to be associated with their business practices anymore. Luckily for all of us, I will be able to accept credit cards directly within a week (fingers crossed). The contracts have been signed, sealed, and delivered. In the meantime, you can pay for your order with Moneybookers, iDeal, or a bank transfer.

I am also very proud to say that we are accepting frozen goods orders! This means that we are able to ship kroketten, frikandellen, bitterballen and more to selected countries* However, I did encounter a few bumps along the road, but I hope to be able to have everything sorted this week, so we can finally send out all the pending orders!

I think a user-friendly website is extremely important. I try to keep the site as simple as possible: prices are now displayed with and without VAT and in both Euros and US$. Nevertheless, if you do want help with the site, check out our newly created 'How to Use Our Site' page.