Typical Dutch Stuff will be closing Thursday December 22nd and re-opening January 16th. (We still welcome your orders in this period, but they will be shipped on or after January 16th).

All orders received by Thursday December 22nd will be shipped on Tuesday
December 27th!

(European orders that were placed after our December 10 deadline, will be shipped Tuesday December 20.)

We wish everyone a warm and wonderful holiday season. Have a safe and fun New Year! See you in 2006!
Typical Dutch Stuff Holiday Season

What you have to do in order to win this basket is pretty simple: send us your most beautiful, funny, delicious photograph which features your favorite Dutch product, or anything else that relates to the Dutch culture. The photographs need to be shot by you, and it may of course also feature yourself or your family/friends (with their permission of course).

Out of all the photographs we receive, we will pick the winner at the end of this month (December 31). We will place a selection of all the photographs on the site.

What you need to do:

1. Shoot a photograph which features a Dutch product or something that relates to the Dutch culture. We prefer photographs with a person and a product/Dutch culture aspect in it!
2. Make sure the image is less than 2mb in size and in .jpg format
3. Email it to info@typicaldutchstuff.com with the subject "Gift Basket Contest." Make sure to include your (first) name and your country. We will ask only the winner for his or hers address information.
4. If you want to submit a short story that goes along with the photograph, please feel free to send it to us!
5. Closing date is December 31.

Good Luck!

We have just sent out our December newsletter, which is loaded with new products, recipes, and freebies. Aren't a subscriber yet? Then hurry up and subscribe to our newsletter!

We have placed our December newsletter online, so everyone can benefit from our Holiday offers! (this is a one-time thing, please make sure to sign up for future issues!)
Due to the extreme flow of orders this month, it can happen that an email isn't answered within 24 hours. Please don't worry, all orders that are placed before December 1, will arrive before the holidays (December 24)1
Yes, that's right! Senseo has released a new version of the ever-so popular single serve coffee maker. This time it's a luxurious Senseo Titanium model. Perfect for when you like the aluminum look, but don't want to spend as much money on it! Comes with 3 free bags of Senseo coffee pods and 2 original Senseo coffee glasses to get you started instantly! All for only €119.99, this makes a perfect gift for the holidays!

Senseo Titanium Coffee Maker


# 220V/1650W
# 2-pin plug system (European)
# one-year warranty
# Three bags of coffee pods and 2 coffee glasses included
# for 1 or 2 cups
# turns off automatically after 1 hour
# removable waterreservoir (750 cc)
# 2 coffee pod holders
Sinterklaas Goodies

Be sure to load your cart with those chocolate letters, pepernoten, taai taai, and gevulde speculaas, because these delicious seasonal treats are only available 'till early December. It would be a shame to miss out on them!

Also, if you want your order to arrive before the holidays, then please make sure that you place your order before December 1, 2005. Orders placed after this date may reach you in time, but it depends on the speed of the postal service, our sales volume, and your location.

Also, please note that Economy shipping outside Europe takes around 4-6 weeks, so if you pick this option, then your order will not make it to you before the holidays!

We will place our Holiday Shopping Guide online asap to make holiday shopping an easy and hassle-free experience for you!
New Senseo Forbidden Fruit Coffee Pods

Yes, we are proud to be able to say that we are on of the first who have the Senseo Forbidden Fruits in stock right now! These pods come in three new fruity flavors: Raving Reds (red fruits, spices, and vanilla), Lusty Lime (citrus fruits, vodka, and vanilla) and Summer Sins (orchard fruits, spices, and vanilla).

There are also matching Senseo Coffee Glasses available.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
We promised to announce the winner of the hagelslag gift set in the beginning of October. The winner of the set is:
Jonathan H, United Kingdom

Congratulations! We will be giving away free gifts more often, so better luck next time to all of you who didn't win! (Keep your eyes open for a great holiday package next month!)

Win a Hagelslag Gift Set
October already; time really flies. October is the official "Breast Cancer Awareness" month, and we believe that donating to Cancer Research is very important, because everybody knows someone who has or had cancer. Therefore, we will donate 10% of all our sales during the month October to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.

Breast Cancer Awareness

October is also the month of our Second Year Anniversary! Our October/Anniversary Newsletter will feature a very special freebie, as we want to celebrate this with all of you! So, if you haven't signed up yet, please do so! If you already are a subscriber, keep your eyes open for it, because you don't want to miss it!

Typical Dutch Stuff is 2 years old!

Also, don't forget to donate a minute of your time to take our survey, as this will help us improve the website, as well as the customer service. And, you get a discount code for your next order!

We have just added our Sinterklaas goodies to our website! Now you can finally indulge yourself in Pepernoten and Gevulde Speculaas! We will start shipping the products from our Sinterklaas selection in October.

Our Sinterklaas Goodies

The new Senseo Royal Blue is in stock, and this very unique set contains a bag of the newest Senseo Lusty Lime Pods, as well as 2 original Senseo Glasses, but these glasses are different from the original ones, as these have lime details, which look stunning and match the machine perfectly!

Senseo Royal Blue Limited Edition

The Senseo Glasses are also available individually, and come in lime, red, and orange.

Senseo Lime, Orange, Red Coffee Glass

We have also added a unique new product; "Candy in a Can!"
Typical Dutch Stuff Canned Candy

These make great gifts; you can fill the can with up to 6 different kinds of candy, then we will close the can and seal it, so the recipient has to open the can with an opener, and finally we will attach the label of your choice and giftwrap it for you! We have a large selection of labels available, so this makes a gift for every occasion!

Keep an eye open for our October Newsletter, as we will be celebrating our 2 year anniversary, which means even more free goodies!

Donate to the Red Cross

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims, their families, and anyone who suffers because of this tragic event.

It's entirely secure, so spammers will not be able to pick up your email adress! We love to read your ideas, comments, and suggestions!
We have got the latest scoop in the coffeepods business. Senseo will be releasing a new line of their famous pods; the Senseo Forbidden Fruits Coffee Pods. It consists out of 2 new flavors; Raving Reds, which includes, Coffee, Red Fruits, and Vanilla. The second flavor is Summer Sins, made with Coffee, Forest Fruits, and Vanilla!

They have not reached the shelves just yet, but we will have them online as soon as possible at the lowest price, and you will be the first to know!

"'Forbidden Fruits;' a completely new and daring coffee experience. Experience how surprising taste can be, and discover the unexpected combination of freshly brewed coffee and intensive, fresh, and spicy flavours."

Senseo Forbidden Fruits

In other news; we want to welcome a new member of our staff; Vera! She had a trial run this afternoon, and she upgraded from sorting orders to labeling orders in just over an hour. We celebrated this with a delicious iced coffee and strawberry cake!

Don't forget to sign up to our Newsletter, as we have a three FREE offers for this month, as well as a sneak peak on what's coming to Typical Dutch Stuff in the very near future!
So, our vacation is over, but we enjoyed every minute it lasted. We're back in business as usual, although order processing time might increase with 1 or 2 days, due to the fact that we have to catch up on orders that were placed during the time that the shop was closed.

In other news, you may or may not have noticed that we did not send out a newsletter this month, but we will send one out as soon as possible, with all the latest products, recipes, and tips.

We are also working on a very new project, which is currently marked as "Top Secret," but as soon as we open, we will notify our mailing list subscribers and they will also receive a fantastic "Grand Opening Offer!"
We finally had a chance to photograph some of our new gift baskets!

This is our signature basket; the "Typical Dutch Stuff" Basket, which contains over 10kg worth of typically Dutch products, as well as candles and a towel set. This truly makes a nice gift for anyone; for birthdays, parties, weddings, or just to say "Thank You."

Another version of the "Typical Dutch Stuff Basket." It is not wrapped in this photograph, so it's not the final version. This one is more a "men's basket" as it does not contain a towel set or fragranced candles, but a beautiful photoframe.

Both baskets contain approx. 10kg worth of typically Dutch products.
The baskets itself and the products may vary upon availability. Also, different products will be added throughout the various seasons.

Another great basket is the "Dutch Cuisine", which is shown below. This is a perfect introduction to Dutch Cuisine, as it contains all the necessary products a (Dutch) person couldn't live without! From licorice to stroopwaffels; it's all in there!

We always welcome custom gift baskets for any occasion! Just email us at info@typicaldutchstuff.com for more information.

Also, check out our Press Release on our gift baskets;
"TypicalDutchStuff.com Features a New Selection of Gift Baskets, which are a Great Introduction to Dutch Cuisine"
We have loads of exciting news for those who are contemplating whether or not to buy a single serve coffee maker, like for instance a Senseo or a Bosch Gustino. Both of those brands have released new (somewhat funky, in the case of the Senseo) colors. We like them, and hopefully you will too!

Senseo Energy Blue

The Senseo Energy Blue, which will be delivered with 2 original Senseo coffee glasses and 2 bags of Senseo coffee pods.

Bosch Gustino Cerealine
Bosch Gustino Cerealine.

Bosch Gustino Sunny Orange
Bosch Gustino Sunny Orange.

Bosch Gustino Snow Whitee
Bosch Gustino Snow White.

All of our Coffee Makers are delivered with 3 bags of Senseo coffee pods, and the regular Senseo machines even include 2 Senseo compatible cups, so you can enjoy your fresh cup of coffee as soon as you receive it!

Now, if only we had our own brand of Coffee Pods, but who knows what the future brings..
For our Non-European customers;
Please note that some products, such as our stroopwaffels, and various other cookies and biscuits have a relatively short shelf life, often around 2 months. Please keep in mind that Economy shipping can take up to 8 weeks to arrive, depending on your location. This means that those products that have a limited shelf life, will arrive only shortly before the expiration date, or in the worst case, when the product has already expired.

Please keep this fact in mind when you order products which have a short shelf life, as we cannot take responsibility for products, which are shipped through Economy mail, that arrive past their expiration date.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at info@typicaldutchstuff.com

Thank you.
We have created a new advertisement which will be shown on various sites in the near future. The drawing was made by the talented Criz at Criz-Zone, who kindly gave us permission to use her wonderful art on our website.

This particular graphic will also be seen as a large banner on our site to promote the Summer Sale on our site somewhere in the next couple of weeks.

New Zwitsal Products

We have also added a few new Nijntje/Miffy products, all of them are unique and hard to find! We will be adding more of these products in the next few days.
We have the brand new Senseo Sweet Mandarin in stock and it can be ordered now!

We also have decided that when you order any Senseo, you will receive the free 3 bags of coffee pods that we always give, but also 2 Senseo compatible cups, so you can enjoy your fresh cup of coffee the minute you receive it.

Please keep in mind that when you order 6 bags of Senseo Kenya, Brazil, or Sumatra Coffee Pods, you will receive a FREE Douwe Egberts Guest Towel!
New Nijntje/Miffy Baby Collection at Typical Dutch Stuff

That's right! Over the next few days we'll be adding a whole new collection of Nijntje/Miffy products, including baby accessories! There will be a special introductory offer with limited availability, so check back often!

(On the picture you can see the new Nijntje/Miffy photoalbum which holds 100 photographs, plated with real silver)
IMPORTANT: We have decided to no longer offer Economy shipping for orders outside Europe which weigh less than 2kg. These orders cannot be traced and are not insured. (regulations of the Postal Services.) Therefore each order that is shipped without any proof of postage is a risk to us, as well as to the customer.

Orders that weigh more than 2kg can be shipped with Economy shipping, because these packages are automatically registered. We hope you understand our situation, because we feel this is best for us, as well as for the customer.

These changes will be effective from May 20th onwards.
We have added the newest Douwe Egberts Caffiato coffee blends to our website. They can't be found anywhere else yet, so be one of the first who is able to try these unique instant coffee mixes!

These new coffee blends from Douwe Egberts are very unique and tasty. They come in a variety of 3 flavors; Speculations (Cappucino with Speculaas Spices and Crunchy Cinnamon Meringues), Ammm..Aretto (Tiramisu and Amaretto Biscuit Crunch), Oh Honey (Honey, Kardemom, Milk Chocolate Crisp), and Chockin' Orange (Orange Peel and Milk Chocolate Crisp).

Each pack contains 8 sachets to create 8 mugs of delicious coffee mixes.

Our Price: 3.99EUR

Senseo Gift Sets
If you are looking for a nice gift for one of your coffee-loving friends, then our Senseo Gift Sets, such as our Fiery Red Gift would be a great choice!

Prices start from 17.99EUR!
The new Senseo Sweet Mandarin Edition will probably be available around May 15th!

New Senseo Sweet Mandarin

If you want to pre-order it, then email us at info@typicaldutchstuff.com and we will reserve one of these unique machines for you! (You don't have to pay in advance, we will contact you as soon as we have them in stock and then you can decide whether or not you want one)
We have added a few new products at the beginning of this month, such as this beautiful porcelain coffee grinder. It has a typically Dutch windmill with a "Delfts Blauw" print. It can be actually used, but it is also very nice to look at.

Dutch Coffee Grinder

Another new addition is the luxurious Milka Naps tin, which is a limited edition and we only have a few of them in stock!

Milka Naps
This unique giftset consists out of a beautiful tin, in which you can store licorice or basically anything you want! The tin contains 2 bags of Klene licorice: Waterwerken (salt) and Ontdekkingsreizen (laurier) or Bodemvondsten (sweet) and Gelukzoekers (honey). We've only got a few of these unique sets in stock!

Klene Licorice Giftset

Our Price: €8.99
We have noticed that some customers do not check the shipping adress they provide with us, and give us an incomplete adress. We have had several packages returned to us because of the apparent neglect of entering the correct information. We have decided to follow our own terms and to not re-ship the package at no cost or refund the entire order anymore, because the customer also has a certain responsibility in this matter. From now on, packages will only be re-shipped when the shipping costs are paid again, otherwise the package will not be shipped. We regret to have to state this, but in order to prevent this from happening again, we need to do something about it.
We have just heard the latest new regarding the Senseo coffeemakers; a brand new, limited edition will be released this month. It will be orange and it's called "Senseo Crema Sweet Manderin," to celebrate the Dutch Queen's Day. We do not have a picture yet, but we are the first who are able to bring you this news, as no one else knows about this yet!

If you want to pre-order it (we expect them to be available around May 15th), then email us at info@typicaldutchstuff.com and we will reserve one of these unique machines for you! (You don't have to pay in advance, we will contact you as soon as we have them in stock and then you can decide whether or not you want one)
We have added a selection of new products over the last couple of days, and here is a short overview of them.

The New Senseo Cucina Coffee Maker

Pre-order now and be one of the first who has this new coffee maker! Exclusively available through our website.

The Brabantia Senseo Wastebin

The Brabantia Senseo Waste Bin, which is designed to hold your used coffee pods, so you don't have to struggle to get the pods in your waste basket without dripping; just put them in the wastebin and throw away all the used pods at once! Exclusively available through our website.

The Multi-Snack

With the Multi-Snack, you can make your own Poffertjes, Stroopwaffels, Belgian Waffels, Grilled Cheese Sandwiches, Hamburgers, and Waffels! We have a special introduction offer for this product; you'll receive free stroopwaffel plates!

Venz Caramel/Chocolate Sprinkles

Milk chocolate and Caramel sprinkles; a delicious combination!

Super Coffee Pods

A selection of new coffee pods, available in 5 different flavors.
An impression of our newest product:

They come in a selection of 3 (double roasted!) flavors; Supreme Smoky ("wood" and chocolate; coffee with a boost), Intensive Shock (sweet and creamy, chocolat), and Powerful Passion (robust and spicy).

They are packaged in a re-sealable tub (which keeps them really fresh) and there are 14 pods in each tub. Exclusively available through our website!

If you are subscribed to our newsletter, you can expect a very special offer!

So, April already, and to celebrate the joy that is spring, we have found 2 delicious and unique coffee blends, which you can enjoy whilst sitting in the sun. They are not (yet) available through our website, because we first want to be able to offer them as a special gift for our customers.

The first blend is a gorgeous white chocolate coffee, made with 100% Arabica beans, which means you get the best quality beans. The second blend is a scrumptious Vanilla and Nut coffee, also made with 100% Arabica beans. Of course, we had to test them first to see if they're really as good as they say..and trust us..they are! We have several of these sets (retails at approx €15.00) to offer you.

All you have to do is place an order over €50.00 (excluding shipping costs) and type "coffeeplease" in the message field at the payment screen. That's all you have to do, and at the end of this month, the lucky winners will be notified through email.

The winner of the March giveaway will be notified this month!

(Don't forget to check out the Senseo Starters Pack, it's going fast!)
Our latest addition to the website; a "guide" to making your own cup of coffee, using a Senseo machine. It's packed with detailed photographs, so you can basically see what you have to do. This demonstration as to be taken with a grain of salt though!

Senseo Starters Guide
We wanted to take this opportunity and wish all of our customers and visitors a happy Easter!

Don't forget to check out our most popular product!

"A special selection that contains all 12 Senseo coffee pods flavors! A great opportunity to try out all of them, contains a total of 178 pods! This is our current best-selling product!"
Well, since it's already March and time flies by (it's almost Easter!) we have decided to make this month's offer available to all customers and not only to our newsletter subscribers. This is a one-time deal, because for the other offers (which change every month) you'll have to be subscribed to our newsletter. So, if you haven't subscribed yet, please consider doing so, as you'll miss out on a lot of freebies! (You'll only receive one newsletter each month)

Free Offer for March:
Enter "BITTERKOEK" in the message field at the payment screen, and you'll receive a free bag of Bitterkoekjes with your order.

We will also be giving away a Large Merci Giftbox (400g) this month. All you have to do is spend over 50EUR (excluding shipping costs) on the website and mention "MERCI" in the message field at the payment screen. At the end of the month we will select the lucky winner and he or she will be notified through email.

As you might have noticed we have moved the Website Updates to a different page, because we felt that not everybody might be interested in this, so we should not put it on our main page.

There have been quite some drastic changes backstage at Typical Dutch Stuff. We have given the entire main page a makeover, because we feel that the new style instantly shows what we have to offer. Also, when you add something to the cart, then a popup screen will appear, which confirms that you've added it to the cart and gives you the option to continue shopping or to checkout.

We've also added quite a few new products; Senseo Starter Set (a set which included ALL Senseo flavors (178 pods in total), the Typical Dutch Stuff Gift Basket (a basket which contains loads of typically Dutch products ), the Basket for Moms (makes an excellent Mother's Day gift!), and loads of new Senseo gift sets (with matching coffee cups and more!)

Our newsletter will be emailed next week; keep an eye open for the freebie!
We've decided to add the Website Updates again, because it makes it easier for all customers to see what has been changed and what has been added. Most of this this information is also included in our Newsletter, but the special offers and freebies are solely in the newsletter, so you'll have to sign up for the special codes.

Over the past few days we've added several new products; Senseo Gift Packages, Gift Baskets, Rittersport and Milka chocolate, and new Coffee Makers.