We have some very exciting coffee & tea news! If you love coffee pods as much as we do, you are probably happy to hear that we have added 10 new variaties, including 3 new t-pods flavors!

First, we have the AH Perla Cinnamon, AH Perla Vanilla, AH Perla Toffee, and AH Perla Hazelnut coffeepods. These name basically explain their flavors pretty good.
AH Perla Coffeepods Cinnamon, Vanilla, Toffee, Hazelnut

Then, we also have added three new tubs: AH Excellent Smooth Power (Columbian beans), AH Excellent Sweet Energy (Brazilian beans), and AH Excellent Double Boost (Indonesian beans). These three new tubs replace the Zinglez tubs that were already on our website.
AH Excellent Coffeepods

Finally, Pickwick has released three new flavors in t-pods: Sweet Apple Cinnamon, Fruity Forest, and Soft Starmint (licorice root, aniseed, peppermint).
Pickwick T-Pods Sweet Apple Cinnamon, Fruity Forest, Soft Starmint

We can't wait to try our newly found treasures; they are already available for purchase in our shop, and pictures will follow this weekend!
I am proud to say that we now have a selection of gorgeous, handmade wooden clogs on our website! They are available in a range of sizes; from size 19 to size 45 (European sizes).
Dutch Clogs

We also offer "birth clogs", which are the cutest little wooden clogs. They will be painted in either blue or pink and the name and the date of birth of the new baby girl or boy will also be painted on them.

And I just had to post this picture of Fee and Ninja:
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What are YOU looking at?
Yes..I decided to expand our family, because I love (furry) animals These two cutie pies come from a shelter, which offers a second chance for dumped rabbits, or when their owners can (or want) no longer take care of them. I fully support their work, because I know how many people buy a bunny without actually thinking it fully through. So, please welcome Fee and Ninja!. Ninja has blue eyes, which look totally Ninja-esque with the black edges around them. Fee is an adorable girl and she is far more into exploring than Ninja is. They have been together for quite some time now (they are both 2 years old), so they are really a cute couple. They have a massive cage, which kinda looks like a small house!

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