Typical Dutch Stuff Summer Vacation

Yes, that's right; we will be closed for the summer from July 18 - August 14. While I will spend some time relaxing on a beach, I will also work on the website to improve its quality and make it even more user-friendly! If you have any suggestions, please feel free to email me!

I wish you all a great summer!
We have been quite busy over here at the TDS Headquarters. As you may have noticed, our site has two new contributors; Mary-jane and Lian. Both of them use their writing skills and witty style to either answer all your questions regarding the Dutch culture, or give you a peek into the life of a Dutch University student. They didn't need much time to decide whether or not they wanted to be a part of our team; all it took for me to persuade them was a platter of home-made brownies and a cold iced-tea! You can find Mary-jane's column over here and Lian's Corner over here.

I have also decided to make this blog a little more personal, because based on my own experience, I like a personal style when it comes to a company blog. I always like to know that there a real persons working on my orders and answering my emails.

The past week, I enjoyed the summer sun and started reading some great books. After watching Oprah, I really wanted to read Elie Wiesels Night, so that book is on my reading list for the summer. I am now reading a chick flick, as it is sometimes called, Watermelon by Marian Keyes; really a great read for the summer.

Also, don't forget that Typical Dutch Stuff will be closed for the summer from July 20 18 to August 14. I am planning to re-design the site in this period (as well as going on a well-deserved trip), so it will be even more user friendly!

Well, I'm going to settle myself in front of the TV and watch the Worldcup finale!