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We have got the latest scoop in the coffeepods business. Senseo will be releasing a new line of their famous pods; the Senseo Forbidden Fruits Coffee Pods. It consists out of 2 new flavors; Raving Reds, which includes, Coffee, Red Fruits, and Vanilla. The second flavor is Summer Sins, made with Coffee, Forest Fruits, and Vanilla!

They have not reached the shelves just yet, but we will have them online as soon as possible at the lowest price, and you will be the first to know!

"'Forbidden Fruits;' a completely new and daring coffee experience. Experience how surprising taste can be, and discover the unexpected combination of freshly brewed coffee and intensive, fresh, and spicy flavours."

Senseo Forbidden Fruits

In other news; we want to welcome a new member of our staff; Vera! She had a trial run this afternoon, and she upgraded from sorting orders to labeling orders in just over an hour. We celebrated this with a delicious iced coffee and strawberry cake!

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So, our vacation is over, but we enjoyed every minute it lasted. We're back in business as usual, although order processing time might increase with 1 or 2 days, due to the fact that we have to catch up on orders that were placed during the time that the shop was closed.

In other news, you may or may not have noticed that we did not send out a newsletter this month, but we will send one out as soon as possible, with all the latest products, recipes, and tips.

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