Finally, after many requests and a lot of hard work, we are proud to introduce our new Vegetarian/Vegan section! After designing our own icons to indicate if a product is veggie/vegan friendly, we did a lot of research and combined this into our new page to make shopping as easy as possible.

We will be adding products to this section gradually. This section also depends on the knowledge of our customers, so if you have any product suggestions, comments, or feedback, please contact us at

Typical Dutch Vegetarian and Vegan products

Check out our site for Dutch Vegetarian/Vegan products.
Typical Dutch Stuff Sale

Surprise your loved one with a gift wrapped box of chocolate truffles; now free with your order if you enter "valentine" upon checkout.

We have also added various new products, such as Mallemaatjes, Pickwick Leaf teas, Pickwick White teas, AH herb teas, worstenbroodjes, saucijzenbroodjes, various new games, and breadspreads!

We are especially proud of the Mallemaatjes, because we love their work and we know the artists personally!
Typical Dutch Stuff Mallemaatjes

Mallemaatjes is a young company; founded in 2006 by Dutch friends Mariska and Myrna. They began creating paintings for new born babies of their friends and family.

The name "Mallemaatjes" has a double meaning, because in Dutch the word "maatjes" means "friends" and "malle" means "silly", which according to the artists represents the figures, as well as their friendship.

The paintings on this site offer an impression of their work; the "maatjes" can be created in any size, shape, and color. Of course, you can also order the ones that are offered below!