We have been thinking about changing our methods of shipping. We now use TPG post, which is a Dutch company, but they are not really fast, and they only provide proof of shipment with priority mail, and only residents within the EU will get a tracking number. This is not the service we want to provide our customers, we want everybody to get a tracking number, because it just feels better knowing where your order is. UPS offers this service, and they deliver within 3-4 days, worldwide. This will increase the costs of shipping slightly, and we want to know if this is wat YOU want. You can share your opinion by clicking on the comments link below. Thank you.
New Arrivals
We have added various new products; Venz Hagelslag, in milk, dark and mixed; Dutch Snacks, such as peanutbutter sticks. We have also added the famous Koetjesreep.

Sometimes products are being discontinued, we will post them up here. This time it's the Zwartrijders Autodrop. We have replaced them with Drop Donders; a mix of 6 different car shaped licorice. The Verkade BN Giechels are also discontinued, and we have introduced the Koetjesreep to make up for this loss. If you ordered these products, they have probably been replaced with the new products.